Daryl S. Paulson, Ph.D, MBA - Bioscience Labs
1765 South 19th Ave Bozeman, MT    

Daryl S. Paulson, Ph.D, MBA

President & CEO

Dr. Daryl S. Paulson, President and CEO, has extensive experience in skincare research designs, clinical trials, and biostatistics. He is the author of the standard texts of antimicrobial and disinfectant product testing. Dr. Paulson has designed the procedures used at BioScience Laboratories, Inc., for evaluation of skin care and cosmetic products, as well as the statistical models used to assess the data. These include factorial designs, Analysis of Variance designs, regression analysis, exploratory data analysis, and integrative and statistical design in both parametric and nonparametric methods. In addition to authoring texts Dr. Paulson has published over 30 articles in several industry journals.

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