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Available Studies

Available Studies


Lotion Study

Signup By: 03/20/20
Total Time: 14 short visits over a 6 week period (approx.)


Gentle Cleanser Study (Females Only)

Signup By: 02/28/20
Total Time: 9 visits over 6 week period (approx.)

The Subject Recruitment Department is responsible for enrolling, consenting and scheduling study participants into the clinical trials at BSLI. All practices and procedures are followed in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH).

With a combined 10+ years of Clinical Trials experience, the Subject Recruitment team provides a comfortable and positive environment for our study participants, while also ensuring quality documentation and practices that comply with all Good Clinical Practice Rules and Regulations.

After conducting clinical trials for 25 years, BSLI has developed a large subject population that helps to ensure that Sponsor timelines are met and that studies are scheduled in a manner that supports success. The safety and well-being of human subject recruited for participation in studies is the first priority of BSLI, followed by the integrity of the study. All study participants are treated with courtesy and respect.

The combination of quality work and Montana hospitality provides our participants with a unique & positive study participation experience, as well as affords our Sponsors confidence in GCP compliance and accurate study outcomes.

Our Recruiters

Shawna L. Durney, CCRC

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Breanna Rice

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Mary Gauvin, M.S.

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Emily Hogin

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