Handwash Study - Bioscience Labs
1765 South 19th Ave Bozeman, MT    

$150 | Handwash Study: 1910393-101

Signup By: 11/26/19

Study Dates:

12/03/19 - 12/03/19

Study Time:

8:00AM & 1:00PM


This study involves research to determine the ability of four test materials to kill and/or remove bacteria from the skin of the hands.

Sites Tested:

Both Hands and Forearms


Restriction Date: 11/26/19 (7 days)

For 7 days prior to entering the lab, you must restrict what products touch the test sites. You will be provided a kit which contains soap, shampoo, and lotion which are approved for use. You will also be provided a pair of gloves for when you cannot avoid use of a restricted product.

Study Qualifications:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must be able to read and understand English;
  • Must possess both hands and all ten digits;
  • Must be in good general health;
  • Cannot have limited mobility or dexterity
  • Cannot have known allergies or sensitivities to latex (rubber), alcohols, sunscreens, deodorants, laundry detergents, topically applied fragrances, cleansers, soaps, lotions, common antibacterial agents, particularly chlorhexidine gluconate, chloroxylenol (PCMX), or benzalkonium chloride, or topical antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or Polysporin
  • Cannot have any prosthetic devices in the neck or spine;
  • Cannot have any prosthetic joints (movable parts of the body);
  • Cannot have pins, screws, plates, rods, or dental implants anywhere else in the body inserted within the last 6 months;
  • Cannot be pregnant, planning to become pregnant or impregnate a sexual partner within the pre-test and test periods of the study, or be nursing a child.