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Skin Microbiome – The benefits of understanding your product's effects

Posted On: Jul 16, 2020
Written by Margaret Butler, Ph.D Principal Scientist Here at BioScience Laboratories we see countless studies on a huge variety of focus areas, howe...
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BioScience Laboratories Phase 2 Reopening

Posted On: Jun 04, 2020
BioScience Laboratories1765 S.19th Ave. Bozeman, MT 59718+1 406 587 5735 • experts@biosciencelabs.comDear Sponsors, Thank you for your patience. These...
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Importance of Considering Effects of Products on Skin and Biocompatibility during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted On: May 08, 2020
By Christopher M. Beausoleil, B.S., CCRP With the current situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased frequency of washing hands or u...
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Microbial Ingress And Safety Testing for Medical Devices - Main Challenges To Consider

Posted On: Mar 10, 2020
by Margaret Butler, Ph.D Medical devices have become essential in the global effort to treat and combat medical conditions. As these devices become mo...
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Coronavirus - global state of emergency declared to encourage world wide cooperation.

Posted On: Jan 31, 2020
The coronavirus has elevated from a national crisis affecting China to a world wide health emergency, as declared by the World Health Organization (WH...
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EPA approves Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides following coronavirus outbreaks.

Posted On: Jan 29, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak has triggered action by the EPA. They have activated the Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides which ...
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How early viral clearance preparation can provide downstream benefits for medical devices containing animal derived materials.

Posted On: Jan 27, 2020
By: Volha Teagle, Ph.D.Production of modern medical devices incorporates a range of materials derived from animal origin. The therapeutic and biocompa...
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Bozeman, Montana: The ideal location for your next moisturization study

Posted On: Jan 25, 2020
Bozeman,MT provides the ideal combination of climate and subject pool behavior to perform your next moisturization study and help you maintain your co...
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Microbial Ingress Testing

Posted On: Jan 24, 2020
by Daryl. S. Paulson, PhD...
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Announcing ICMAD Membership

Posted On: Dec 14, 2018
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. is proud to announce their membership with the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Trade Association (IC...
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Cosmetic & Personal Care Product Testing

Posted On: Jun 07, 2018
BSLI performs moisturization testing regularly, this is due to Bozeman Montana's dry continental climate. Bozeman has relatively low humidity and dew ...
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BSLI is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Posted On: Feb 27, 2018
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. has always been a veteran-owned small business, but now we are officially registered with the Department of Veterans Af...
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Candida auris Testing

Posted On: Jan 11, 2018
Candida auris is an emerging fungus that is multidrug-resistant. The CDC has classified Candida auris as a rapidly emerging fungus that has been the c...
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Are You Ready to Start Your Next Preservative Efficacy Test?

Posted On: Nov 27, 2017
Start your next PET in just 5 days! Choose one of our standard PET protocols listed below and we can begin the test within five days of receipt of pro...
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Expanded Biofilm Services

Posted On: Jun 14, 2017
BioScience Laboratories Helps Identify the Next Generation of Anti-Bacterial Solutions Through Expanded Biofilm Testing Companies developing anti-bio...
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What Equivalence Means

Posted On: Apr 26, 2017
Traditional statistics are used in trying to find differences between two products. In the medical field, equivalence has become a goal. For example, ...
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Statistics, or How to Meet FDA Requirements

Posted On: Apr 26, 2017
In 1994, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the Tentative Final Monograph (TFM) requiring a product’s average reductions to meet the log...
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BioScience Laboratories, Inc. Biofilm Testing Capabilities

Posted On: Feb 08, 2017
Biofilms are present in a broad range of industrial, environmental, human health, energy production, and agricultural systems. A biofilm is a group of...
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Posted On: Aug 16, 2016
On May 31, 2016, BioScience Laboratories, Inc (BSLI), was granted accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) by American Association of Laboratory Accredit...
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Determining the Sample Size Necessary to Pass the TFM Pre-Operative Skin Preparation

Posted On: Jun 13, 2016
How can one predict the sample size of subjects needed to pass the current FDA’s requirements for the preoperative skin preparation with the two recen...
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Why Do Companies Use the Health Care Personnel Handwash Study to Evaluate their Products?

Posted On: May 03, 2016
Written by Dr. Daryl Paulson, MBA, President & CEO The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the healthcare ind...
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Anti-Biofilm Technologies: Pathways to Product Development

Posted On: Apr 04, 2016
This conference served as an excellent opportunity to address difficulties in the antimicrobial and infection prevention industries. Most notably, pro...
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Russell Griggs, M.S., Presents Poster at AORN 2016

Posted On: Mar 29, 2016
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. is very pleased to announce that one of our Principal Investigators, Russell Griggs, M.S., will be presenting a poster a...
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Neutralizing Your Product(s)

Posted On: Feb 01, 2016
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. works in the customer service environment dealing with in-vitro and in-vivo (clinical efficacy) evaluations of many simp...
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Materials Testing: Are You Stressed Out?

Posted On: Nov 19, 2015
Materials testing is defined as the measurement of the characteristics and behavior of substances under various stressful and non-stressful conditions...
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New Dedicated Materials Testing Lab

Posted On: Aug 20, 2015
BioScience Laboratories, Inc. was built upon the backbone of antimicrobial testing services.Over the past 24 years BioScience has developed an ever-ex...
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How Industry leaders are approaching new Healthcare Antiseptic Standard

Posted On: Aug 20, 2015
On May 1, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published an amendment to the Tentative Final Monograph (TFM) for Healthcare Antiseptics which ...
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Regulatory Acceptance of Three-Dimensional Tissue Constructs for Testing of Eye Irritation

Posted On: Aug 20, 2015
An in vitro method for assessment of Ocular Irritation potential of chemicals has been recently accepted by the regulatory authorities as an alternati...
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