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Is your antimicrobial product different?

Show Product Differentiation

Selling your product can be more profitable, when we show you how to differentiate it from competitors’ products. Most handwash product, wound product, and medical device product manufacturers have their products approved by meeting the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and then simply look for avenues to sell those products. Unfortunately, many of those products are indistinguishable from the other products within the same market. Manufacturers and distributors have appropriate product claims, but the products lack any differentiation, or specific characteristics that could create a niche market opportunity for those products.

Because products lack differentiation, consumers consider them to be the same. Products are marketed and sold based on their distribution channels or competitive cost. Is there a better way to differentiate your product to increase your market share and profit margin? Definitely, yes.

What Does Your Product Do Better?

The question is this: How does your product compare with competitors’ products? What makes your product more appealing to the consumer?

For example, current surgical scrubs in your marketplace include:

  • CHG – your product 
  • Alcohol + CHG
  • Alcohol

 With a CHG product, you have already met the FDA standards through a surgical scrub claim. You discover that alcohol + CHG products are faster-acting than your CHG, and those products are rendering your product nearly obsolete.

What options do you have? You might be forced to drop the price to secure sales, and seemingly lowering your price every year.

But BioScience Laboratories, Inc. offers ways of designing a variety of studies that can determine your products’ strengths and others products’ weaknesses, which will help you differentiate your product, giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to sell your product based on its positive attributes. This aids you in increasing sales and profitability.

At BioScience Laboratories, we looked at a number of variables and found that CHG does not sting and burn the skin when applied to an open cut on your hands. Also, upon repeated use, it was found to prevent dryness on the hands. If applicable, you could begin your marketing program with specific product attributes in mind.

We design studies in such a way that you clearly see your product’s differentiation.

Now, you are able to sell your product for more money and increase your market share.

Please note that these are not claims you must support with FDA/EPA testing; however, they are mechanisms to enable you to show, scientifically, that differences do exist between your product and others on the market. This product differentiation may be the competitive edge you are seeking.

Contact our experts at BioScience Laboratories, Inc., and we will work together with you to design a study to differentiate your product in the current competitive market.

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