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Clinical Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Efficacy studies are used to validate your products intended purpose, substantiate claims and/or to gain an edge on your competition. Because labeling is regulated by the FDA, product efficacy claims must be substantiated through industry standard testing. We conduct both clinical and in-vitro efficacy testing in our laboratories.

Clinical Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing Services

Injection Site Protection

Injection sites are a common source of nosocomial infections. Proper pre-treatment and prophylaxis of these sites is important to reducing healthcare costs and improving 
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Cup Scrub for Persistence

This antimicrobial effectiveness testing may be used to evaluate if a test product has persistent log10 reductions post application. This post-application evaluation may be
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Surgical Scrub

Surgical scrub formulations are designed to remove both the transient microorganism population as well as a large proportion of the normal endogenous microorganism population residing
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Pre-Operative Skin Preparation

The FDA has a process in place for formal evaluation of the results of these studies. Also of note is that ASTM's Standard Method
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Food Handlers Handwash

BioScience Laboratories uses the approved ASTM E2946-13 method as well as other methods to conduct these studies. Subjects contaminate hands with E.
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Healthcare Personnel Handwash & Handrub

BioScience Laboratories has been closely involved in the development and refinement of the Healthcare personnel handwash & Healthcare personnel handrub testing methods used to evaluate
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Agar Patch - Antimicrobial Persistence Test

Persistence, the continuance of bactericidal or bacteristatic activity for some period of time after product use, may be a very desirable attribute for topical
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