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ISO Standards

ISO standards are a set of guidelines that ensure quality, safety and efficiency for you products. This is not a complete list of BSLI’s capabilities, connect with our experts to see how we can customize your study.

ISO 10993-5

Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices This test method describes methods to assess the in-vitro cytotoxicity of medical devices. These methods specify the incubation of cultured cells either directly or through diffusion: with extracts of device,…
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ISO 11930

The International Organization for Harmonization is designed for cosmetic formulations. Unlike the USP 51 or EP 5.1.3, ISO does not divide products into different categories. Test products are challenged with five microorganisms at three time…
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ISO 22442-3

Medical devices utilizing animal tissues and their derivatives – Part 3:  Validation of the elimination and/or inactivation of viruses and transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) agents (December 15, 2007). BioScience Laboratories provides a scale-down testing per…
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