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Zone of Inhibition

Zone of Inhibition

This diffusion test is used to evaluate the static/cidal activity of water-soluble, leachable antimicrobial formulations that will diffuse into an nutrient agar medium.  Selected challenge species are inoculated onto the surface of agar plates, and the test materials are laid on top (e.g., surgical dressings) or pipetted into wells cut into the agar.  Following incubation, the “zones” of “no growth” surrounding test and control materials are measured for comparison.

Additionally, dressings may be transferred to freshly inoculated plates daily for an extended testing period to assess the persistence of antimicrobial activity following repeated challenges.


In-Vitro Testing Laboratory

Scientists in our In-Vitro testing labs are well trained on ASTM, AATCC, AOAC, CLSI and EN standard methods. The efficacy testing services of this laboratory include MIC/MBC, biofilm prevention and removal, time-kill kinetics, clean room disinfectant validation, zone of inhibition and custom efficacy studies for disinfectants, antimicrobials and other products requiring EPA registrations and FDA 510(k) submissions. Studies in our…

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