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Sensitization Testing

Sensitization Testing

BioScience Laboratories performs sensitization testing by the Modified Draize test in accordance with the FDA/CDER Guidance for Industry, Skin Irritation and Sensitization Testing, December 1999. Additionally, BioScience performs testing for skin sensitization to chemicals in natural rubber products with labeling claims of either (1) reduced potential for sensitizing users to rubber chemical additives or (2) reduced potential for causing reaction in individuals sensitized to rubber chemical additives, (FDA 1999). 

Test Requirements:

The method requires that the product and its vehicle (product without active principle) be tested. During the Induction Phase of testing, test materials are applied to skin sites on the upper back of 200 subjects and patched three times per week for three weeks, the same sites of application each time, for a total of nine applications. Patches remain in place for 48 hours at a time on weekdays and 72 hours on the weekends. Evaluation and scoring of skin reactions are performed and recorded at the time of each patch removal.

The Induction Phase is followed by the Rest Phase of two weeks duration, during which no product applications are performed.

Then, during the Challenge Phase, materials are applied to new skin sites on the back and patched for a 48-hour period of exposure, at the end of which, patches are removed. The challenge sites are evaluated 30 minutes and 24, 48, and 72 hours after the patches have been removed for evidence of allergic reaction. 


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