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Moisturization Testing

Moisturization Testing

Assessing your products ability to moisturize the skin is commonly performed at BioScience Laboratories. Using various specialized bioinstrumentation including:TEWL, Corneometer, Mexameter, Visoscan & Skicon, as well as Board Certified Dermatologists. BSLI has the experience and expertise for your moisturization studies. 

Bioinstrumentation equipment  & Procedures
  • Leg Controlled Application Technique (LCAT)- Estimates the relative skin irritation potential
  • Forearm Controlled Application Technique (FCAT)- Estimates the relative skin irritation potential
  • Corneometer- Measures epidermal water content, an indicator of dryness & damaged skin
  • Tewameter- Measures the rate of transepidermal water loss, an indicator of damaged skin
  • Visia Imagery- Measures several qualities of the skin, such as scaliness and wrinkling, by means of digital scanning and computer analysis of the resulting image
  • Digital Photography- Provides visual display of the skin for subjective pre/post application comparisons 
  • DSQUAME- Provides an indicator of dryness, harvests & preserves for enumeration epidermal squames by adhesively lifting them from the skin
  • Skicon- A non-invasive technique which uses high-frequency conductance to measure skin hydration

BioScience Laboratories scientific personnel are trained extensively for visual evalution of skin conditions, and we also can provide board-certified dermatologists for studies of products requring dermatologically tested claims.


Clinical Testing Laboratory

Our start-to-finish solution for clinical trials begins with understanding our client’s end goals for the study and aiding them in the study design.  Throughout the project we remain in on-going contact with our sponsors to ensure that the project is managed with the best interest of the client in mind.  

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