Bandage Material Physical Properties

Bandage Material Physical Properties

The Materials Testing Lab features temperature and humidity control along with the ability to test for the following product characteristics:

  1. Tensile Strength
  2. Peel Adhesion

Our testing capabilities range from adhesive tape & wound care products to medical device packaging. 


Materials Testing Laboratory

BioScience Laboratories (BSLI) can support manufacturers of bandages, dressings, and their combinations with our Material Testing services.  The BSLI Laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled to provide you the testing conditions necessary to make your submission and marketing claims.  Our technicians will provide data on your materials and adhesives with…

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ASTM D5035 Dry Strength Testing and Wet Strength Testing

This test determines the breaking force and elongation of textile fabrics used for dressing or bandage material.  There are provisions for wet and dry fabrics, woven and non-woven materials, and dipped or coated fabrics.  This method is not recommended for fabrics that stretch more than 11%, such as knitted fabrics. …
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Health Care Antiseptic

For over 25 years BioScience Laboratories has led the industry in Healthcare antimicrobial product testing. BSLI is a GLP, FDA and EPA audited and Contract Research Organization providing Phase I through IV clinical trials, as well as, in-vitro testing services. Put our extensive experience to work, we are eager to help.

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Personal Care Products

We serve clients from around the world who contract us to perform investigative studies on a wide range of personal care products. Standard, validated protocols have been developed to substantiate a wide variety of personal care product claims as well as claims for prescription and over-the-counter drug products. Specialized testing for these…

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