As a full-service laboratory, BioScience Laboratories offers a wide range of clinical and in-vitro testing services to meet the needs of the diverse industries we serve around the globe. We can support you and your products through the various regulatory paths that you may face. From NDA submissions to EPA disinfectants and cosmetic performance, call us today and let us help you through the process!

Claim Substantiation

What does your product do better? We can provide you with the scientific data to differentiate your product in today’s competitive market. Working as a team, our scientific staff

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Clinical Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Efficacy studies are used to validate your products intended purpose, substantiate claims and/or to gain an edge on your competition. Because labeling is regulated by the FDA, product efficacy

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Custom Product Testing

BioScience Laboratories can help you formulate how best to achieve your results based on our expertise and quantitative analysis decision-making, considering cost benefit and probability of success. Contact us today

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BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (BSLI) has over twenty years of experience performing standard (AOAC and EN) disinfectant testing methods, including custom-designed efficacy tests for EPA registrations and FDA 510(k) submissions. BSLI

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In-Vitro Efficacy Testing

BioScience Laboratories has twenty three years of experience in conducting clinical & in-vitro studies on antimicrobial products used in food service, healthcare, and janitorial sanitation settings, as well as antimicrobial

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Product Differentiation

Is your antimicrobial product different?Show Product DifferentiationSelling your product can be more profitable, when we show you how to differentiate it from competitors’ products. Most handwash product, wound product,

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Safety Testing

The Skin Technology Center offers a broad spectrum of clinical and in vitro safety testing services. In clinical safety testing, BSLI evaluates in-use safety of products by means of standard,

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Skin Care

The BioScience Laboratories Skin Technology Center offers clinical testing services for both personal and professional skin care products. Standard, validated protocols have been developed to substantiate a wide variety of

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We believe the accurate interpretation of study results is critically important to a study's value. Hence, the results from studies that include a statistical design are more accurate than are

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Wound Care

BioScience Laboratories, Inc. has worked with wound dressings for more than 20 years. We offer a way to sell your products for more bottom-line profit to you. We evaluate several different

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What People are Saying...

I've been involved in BioScience's studies on a regular basis for going on 10 years!

In all that time I have never had less than a lovely experience at BioScience.

Their studies are all low-or-no risk, their staff is top-notch, and the pay is great for the time involved!

I couldn't recommend BioScience more highly!

Kevin, Study Participant

I knew about Bioscience quite awhile before I came in to register. Why did it take take me so long? Probably just having no idea what to expect. Well, here is what to expect: Great subject recruiters who will help you decide if a particular study is right for you, and great laboratory staff who patiently and efficiently guide you through the requirements of the study. Try it! It is a wonderful way to make some extra money. 


Janet, Study Participant