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Colony Biofilm Method

Colony Biofilm Method

Biofilms in a Zero-Shear Environment

BioScience Labs provides services for evaluation of product efficacy in the prevention and/or removal of biofilms using in-vitro techniques.  This methodology evaluates colony biofilms grown in a zero-shear environment and allows quantification of cells challenged with solid test materials. This static biofilm model is useful for both small-scale and large-scale studies.

Biofilm Testing Services

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Biofilm Testing Laboratory

BioScience Labs (BSLI) offers services to companies that want to substantiate anti-biofilm claims for their products.  BSLI is at the anti-biofilm fore-front of the regulatory process and we can assist you in test design and execution.  We are able to support anti-biofilm efficacy claims, such as biofilm: kill, removal, prevention…

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