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Colony Biofilm Method

Colony Biofilm Method

Biofilms in a Zero-Shear Environment

BioScience Labs provides services for evaluation of product efficacy in the prevention and/or removal of biofilms using in-vitro techniques.  This methodology evaluates colony biofilms grown in a zero-shear environment and allows quantification of cells challenged with solid test materials. This static biofilm model is useful for both small-scale and large-scale studies.

Biofilm Testing Services

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Biofilm Testing Laboratory

BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (BSLI) offers services to companies that want to substantiate anti-biofilm claims for their products, and we can assist you in test design and execution.  Using ASTM methods, customized experiments, and regulatory insight, BioScience Laboratories, Inc. can help you generate the data needed to support your anti-biofilm claim, such…

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