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Biofilm Tissue Irritation

Biofilm Tissue Irritation

Biofilm Testing in Conjunction with Tissue Models

BioScience Labs provides services for evaluation of product efficacy in the prevention and/or removal of biofilms using in-vitro techniques. Our technicians have experience in the evaluation of irritation or potential inflammatory response using various tissue models exposed to biofilm, including dermal, ocular, oral, and vaginal tissues.  

Biofilm Testing Services

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Biofilm Testing Laboratory

BioScience Labs (BSLI) offers services to companies that want to substantiate anti-biofilm claims for their products.  BSLI is at the anti-biofilm fore-front of the regulatory process and we can assist you in test design and execution.  We are able to support anti-biofilm efficacy claims, such as biofilm: kill, removal, prevention…

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