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The BioScience Laboratories,Inc. is dedicated to providing our sponsors the highest level of customer service.  Our team works together to provide high quality data for you to support reulatory approvals and marketing claims for your products.  Our facilities are state-of-the-art laboratories, specifically designed and constructed to support each of our testing services. Built in 2012, the laboratory building was designed with expansion and efficiency in mind. BioScience Laboratories, Inc. provides a full range of clinical and in-vitro testing services to support your regulatory and marketing goals. Click on the individual labs listed to learn more.

Biofilm Laboratory

BioScience Labs (BSLI) offers services to companies that want to substantiate anti-biofilm claims for their products.  BSLI is at the anti-biofilm fore-front of the regulatory process and we can assist…

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Clinical Laboratory

Our start-to-finish solution for clinical trials begins with understanding our client’s end goals for the study and aiding them in the study design.  Throughout the project we remain in on-going contact…

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Environmentally Controlled Skin Lab

The BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (BSLI) Skin Technology Center is a research and technology division providing product safety, efficacy and claims substantiation studies for topical products. Since its inception in 1991, BSLI…

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In-Vitro Laboratory

Scientists in our In-Vitro testing labs are well trained on ASTM, AATCC, AOAC, CLSI, and EN standard methods. The efficacy testing services of this laboratory include MIC/MBC, biofilm prevention and removal, time-kill kinetics, clean room…

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Materials Testing Laboratory

Materials Testing BioScience Laboratories (BSLI) can support manufacturers of bandages, dressings, and their combinations with our Material Testing services.  The BSLI Laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled to provide you…

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Media Laboratory

The Media Laboratory is equipped with two MediaClaves and a MediaJet which are capable of mixing, sterilizing, and dispensing up to 30 liters of growth media for microorganisms. The Media…

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Quality Assurance Department

Partnering with a GLP laboratory that understands the regulatory requirements and intra-industry competitive pressure can mean the difference between the success and failure in new product approval and product acceptance…

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Virology Laboratory

BioScience Laboratories assists clients with new product development, R&D projects, marketing claims, and supporting EPA, FDA, EU, and Health Canada label claims. Combining our virology capabilities with over 23 years of experience…

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What People are Saying...

I've been involved in BioScience's studies on a regular basis for going on 10 years!

In all that time I have never had less than a lovely experience at BioScience.

Their studies are all low-or-no risk, their staff is top-notch, and the pay is great for the time involved!

I couldn't recommend BioScience more highly!

Kevin, Study Participant

I knew about Bioscience quite awhile before I came in to register. Why did it take take me so long? Probably just having no idea what to expect. Well, here is what to expect: Great subject recruiters who will help you decide if a particular study is right for you, and great laboratory staff who patiently and efficiently guide you through the requirements of the study. Try it! It is a wonderful way to make some extra money. 


Janet, Study Participant