Food Handlers Handwash

Food Handlers Handwash

With a lack of an FDA defined method for demonstrating efficacy of food-handler handwash products, BioScience Laboratories has developed a method and submitted it to ASTM Subcommittee E235-15 for review and approval as a standard method. The method simulates at least one mechanism of exposure to transient, potentially infectious bacteria and viruses, that being handling of raw meat. Since this method is not appropriate for alcohol-based handrubs.

BSLI has created other study designs to test these kinds of products, as well as to evaluate transmissibility of bacteria from contaminated foodstuffs to hands back to foodstuffs, and whether use of gloves made of various materials for food-handling is protective of the consumer or actually adds to the public health risk of failure to wash hands that gloving originally was intended to solve.  Some of BSLI’s most inventive study design work has been directed at testing the effectiveness of antimicrobial processes for controlling the numerous human factors that contribute to incidence of food-borne diseases.


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Our start-to-finish solution for clinical trials begins with understanding our client’s end goals for the study and aiding them in the study design.  Throughout the project we remain in on-going contact with our sponsors to ensure that the project is managed with the best interest of the client in mind.  

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