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Study Process

BioScience Laboratories Study Process:

  1.  Proposal Development and Approval
  2.  Protocol Development and Approval
  3. Test Material Submission
  4. IRB Approval for Clinical Protocols
  5. Testing
  6. Statistical Analysis
  7. Quality Assurance Audits
  8. Final Report


After determining the type of study the Sponsor needs, one of our sales account executives will prepare a proposal. Each proposal will describe the purpose, study scope, neutralization, price and terms for that particular study. The proposal will be sent to the Sponsor for approval. Once the proposal is returned signed with proper information regarding sponsor’s billing and accounts payable, the development of the study protocol will begin.


The study protocol outlines the test methods and other significant details that meet the purpose stated in the signed proposal. The following are outlined in the protocol: sponsor, testing facility,key personnel running the study, test methods, product application procedures, calculations/statistical analysis, inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical studies, etc. Once the protocol has been approved by all necessary personnel within BioScience, a final protocol will be sent to the Sponsor for approval. The acceptance page must be returned with the Sponsor’s approval before BioScience can move forward with testing.


While the protocol is being developed, the sponsor will send the necessary test materials to BioScience. The quantities needed for testing will be determined by the sales account executive and study director. The following documentation must accompany all products for each study:

  • A Sponsor Sample Submission Form 
  • Material Data Safety Sheets 
  • Investigational Brochure/ Product Ingredient Lists (for clinical studies)

Gallatin Institutional Review Board (GIRB) Approval of Clinical Protocols:

For clinical studies involving human participants, the FDA requires each individual protocol to be approved by an independent institutional review board. The GIRB reviews each protocol and monitors each study throughout the study process to protect the rights and welfare of human participants during clinical research. Participant recruitment CAN NOT begin until the protocol has been approved by the GIRB.


Once a finalized protocol has been approved and all necessary products have been received, testing will begin. For the duration of testing, any adverse and unexpected events will be promptly communicated to the Sponsor.


Once all raw data has been collected, the Study Director will begin the statistical analysis of the data as stated within the Protocol. At this point, the sponsor can request to review preliminary data.


As outlined by Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), regular in-phase quality assurance audits of the critical testing procedures will be conducted. On completion of testing, the Quality Assurance Unit will perform an audit of the raw data and the Final Report in its entirety. Information regarding these specific audits can be found within the final report.


Upon completion of testing and statistical analysis, a final report will be issued presenting the results in a clear and concise manner. Any questions regarding the information present in the final report can be answered by the study director or the sales account executive.

What our Customers are Saying...

I have enjoyed a good relationship with BioScience Laboratories.  Thanks to their support and thought-provoking advice, we were able to move forward on several of our projects.  I look forward to continuing a business relationship with BioScience Laboratories for years to come.”

Yutaka Nishihara, Ph.D., Yoshida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"There was absolutely no comparison between the kind of service and expertise I obtained from BioScience compared to the competition. It was obvious I had to place studies with BioScience Laboratories." 

Joel Ivers, Union Springs Pharmaceuticals.