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Quality Assurance Department

Partnering with a GLP laboratory that understands the regulatory requirements and intra-industry competitive pressure can mean the difference between success and failure in new product approval and product acceptance by end-users. BioScience Laboratories, Inc., enjoys strong, professional relationships with the CDC, EPA, FDA, USDA and Health Canada; these relationships are passed on as added value to our clients in the form of adherence to the most current regulations and approved practices. Our laboratory facility is registered with the FDA. In addition, in its two-decade history, our Quality Assurance program has experienced more than 200 successful audits performed by federal agencies, third-party auditing firms, and dozens of our clients. We invite you to visit and audit our facility to verify first-hand how our quality program assures that your study is performed accurately and in compliance.

What our Customers are Saying...

John (Dyba), seldom in recent memory have I experienced the level of integrity and commitment we have experienced working with you and your team.  Please pass our gratitude on to your team and tell them how much we enjoy working with such a professional organization.”

Russell Altman, Owner, Beneficial Solutions, LLC

I have enjoyed a good relationship with BioScience Laboratories.  Thanks to their support and thought-provoking advice, we were able to move forward on several of our projects.  I look forward to continuing a business relationship with BioScience Laboratories for years to come.”

Yutaka Nishihara, Ph.D., Yoshida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.