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Environmentally Controlled Facility


BSLI is capable of creating and controlling the ambient environment for each study, per testing protocol.  Our facility is constructed with the ability to dynamically control temperature and humidity. Our building’s temperature system is imperative for our laboratories' performance, therefore it is monitored and adjusted digitally.   



Our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the cleanest air filtration systems in Bozeman, MT, rivaling that of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.  It consists of a 3-zone air filtration system, the last filter of which is HEPA-filtration. 



Because ions in water can generate inconsistent results in laboratory experiments, BSLI uses deionized water in media production to ensure study testing efficacy.

The clinical laboratory scrub sinks are equipt with adjusting mixing valves capable of a wide range of temperatures for handwashing studies. 



Our equipment temperature monitoring system is unlike any other and was designed in-house by our facility specialists.  We maintain a series of temperature-controlled pieces of equipment, including incubators and freezers, which need to be monitored.  The temperature of all pieces of equipment must be measured and maintained within certain tolerances for accountability and quality assurance.  Readings of the equipment temperatures are continuously monitored and attached to an alarm system if out-of-tolerance readings occur. 

The systems and features listed above represent a small part of our entire facility’s whole strategic design.  Many integral components work together in order for our day-to-day operations to be effective, efficient and safe.  We are highly invested in our tools, staff and the ability to do our work well.  We care about the quality of services we provide and the customers we provide them for.  You can be assured that when you hire us we will deliver the best possible product.

What People are Saying...

After 7 years and moving to a new building I can honestly say Bioscience is my home away from home. Great people, easy studies to participate in and a great way to earn extra cash. I encourage everyone to try it at least once!

Michele, Study Participant

I knew about Bioscience quite awhile before I came in to register. Why did it take take me so long? Probably just having no idea what to expect. Well, here is what to expect: Great subject recruiters who will help you decide if a particular study is right for you, and great laboratory staff who patiently and efficiently guide you through the requirements of the study. Try it! It is a wonderful way to make some extra money. 


Janet, Study Participant