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Experience Scientific Expertise with Montana Hospitality

Since 1991, BioScience Laboratories, Inc. has helped hundreds of product companies get their products approved and differentiated in the United States, Canada, Europe, and around the world. Our scientists have the expertise to design studies and test according to the guidelines established by the U.S. EPA and FDA, Health Canada, and the European Union. Our in-depth understanding of the market allows us to guide clients to develop testing protocols that result in unique, product-differentiating label claims.

Our Mission

is to provide our customers with unsurpassed quality service,genuine concern and innovation, combined with technical expertise.

We view customer commitments not only as contracts, but as covenants. We believe that ethics and business are compatible; thus, we strive to actualize this belief in every aspect of our services.

To better serve our customers, we agree to work as a team, instead of competing against or exploiting our fellow workers. We therefore commit to assist one another in an atmosphere of genuine care and concern.

While we work together, we acknowledge our individual uniqueness. We encourage each member of our team to become continually
more authentic as a human being. We appreciate each other for not only what we do, but for who we are.

we acknowledge that we are a learning organization comprised of individuals growing professionally and 
endeavoring to serve humanity.


BioScience Laboratories was founded in Bozeman, Montana in 1991 by Dr. Daryl Paulson, Ph.D. The author of numerous texts and papers on the subject of antimicrobial testing, Dr. Paulson is known for pioneering the use of statistics in the design, execution and analysis of efficacy and safety studies. With a commitment to scientific excellence and customer satisfaction, Dr. Paulson has led BioScience Laboratories through several stages of growth while keeping the company firmly planted in the community of Bozeman, where he and his staff enjoy the high quality of life filled with beautiful scenery and nearby outdoor adventures. 

Planning for the next twenty years of continued commitment to the antimicrobial testing industry, their clients, and their employees, the company owners, Dr. Paulson and his wife Marsha Paulson, built a 15,558 square foot laboratory building and a 6,400 Square foot administrative building in Bozeman near the campus of Montana State University.


The commitment to customer service is shared by the entire staff at BioScience Laboratories. Our Senior Account Executives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions about current or upcoming studies at BioScience Laboratories. Our Study Directors work together with our clients to design each study to provide definitive answers to the client’s questions about the product’s efficacy and safety. Our Participant Recruitment team is focused on finding the correct test population that meets the requirements of each study. Our Quality Assurance experts observe, audit, and review each study with an un-biased eye to ensure that the study was conducted with the quality to meet federal regulation and with integrity to meet our client’s needs.


At BioScience Laboratories, we believe in providing our customers with added value for each and every project. This approach starts with understanding the client’s market differentiation and their regulatory compliance goals. Our team of experts provides upfront advice on the study design, such that the client can use the results to create a competitive advantage and meet the applicable regulatory requirements. Throughout the life of each study, we work together with the client to ensure the study is completed on budget, on time, and with the high level of quality required for regulatory submission. Our ability to apply meaningful techniques for statistical analysis to test data provides our clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions about their product.

What our Customers are Saying...

I have enjoyed a good relationship with BioScience Laboratories.  Thanks to their support and thought-provoking advice, we were able to move forward on several of our projects.  I look forward to continuing a business relationship with BioScience Laboratories for years to come.”

Yutaka Nishihara, Ph.D., Yoshida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"There was absolutely no comparison between the kind of service and expertise I obtained from BioScience compared to the competition. It was obvious I had to place studies with BioScience Laboratories." 

Joel Ivers, Union Springs Pharmaceuticals.